Honeywell Lynx Alarm System

Honeywell Lynx Touch Review

The Honeywell Lynx Touch home alarm system is popular with home users who are looking for something that is easy to install, simple to operate and that offers extras like remote access options and other helpful features.  The Honeywell Lynx touch has one of the most vivid displays ever found in a home alarm system and provides a feature-rich experience that homeowners will love.  The Honeywell Lynx alarm system was designed with a bright, full-color touchscreen that is super easy to operate, making arming and disarming it a breeze.  The Lynx features menu-driven prompts that are super easy to navigate through, and clear, crisp graphics.  The bright, 4.7-inch color screen has a resolution of 470 x 256 pixels and includes the brilliance of 16.7 million colors.Honeywell lynx touch alarm system

The Honeywell Lynx Touch was designed to be both easy to set up and easy to learn, making it easy to get it up and running in your home in no time at all.  The easy to install system is so simple to program and operate that there isn’t much room for error in setup.  And since the system is so easy to use, there isn’t more than a small learning curve when it comes to figuring out how to operate it.

The Honeywell Lynx has everything that a homeowner could want in an affordable home security system.  The starter system comes standard with a wireless control panel, an extremely loud interior siren, battery backup, wireless motion sensors, wireless key chain remote controls and an intuitive, easy to learn system that is perfect for families.  Remote operations can be set up for easy access via phone when you are away from home, giving users the ability to set up to 16 programmable reminders, called “Follow Me” reminders, for handy reminders and system announcements. Up to two end-users can receive calls via phone when programmed reminders pop up in the system.  For added security and peace of mind, the Honeywell Lynx Touch home alarm system also features up to 16 different user codes for system administration, including Installer, Master, Babysitter, Duress and others, making it easy to customize the system as your needs change with just a few button clicks.  Another great feature for families is the Quick Exit feature, which enables users to leave the premises for a brief time without disarming the system.

What makes the Honeywell Lynx such a great option for home security is that it’s so easy to change around and customize to meet the needs of your family.  The system is extremely easy to program, and it can be programmed to meet your needs quickly an easily.  In addition to offering security, the Honeywell Lynx Touch also provides energy savings and helpful features like the Family Message center, which lets family members leave recorded messages for each other with just the push of a button.  The Honeywell Lynx system also lets users remotely set thermostats with “home” and “away” settings, providing an easy way to control heat consumption and save on bills when you are away from home.