Choosing an Alarm System

Selecting an Alarm Company

Knowing how to choose an alarm system is important for homeowners who want to get the most protection for their family that their budget will allow.  Most home alarm systems don’t differ all that much in terms of what they offer, but the quality of protection that you receive can vary based on the kind of setup that is used and the type of monitoring that is utilized throughout the system.  Having some basic information on how to choose a home alarm system can make a big difference in what you direction you go in, so being prepared before you begin shopping around is always a good idea.

Choosing a Home Alarm System

When choosing a home alarm system, there are some basic elements that most standard home security systems offer, including a control panel, a keypad for easy arming and disarming, a loud siren, inside motion detector, door and window contacts and a central monitoring station.  The exact elements of any home alarm system will vary by brand and model; however, most standard systems do contain these elements at a minimum.  What kinds of added features and monitoring services you need depends on your lifestyle, including your daily schedule and how frequently you travel.  The size of your family should also be taken into consideration, as you want a system that can be easily scaled up to meet the needs of a growing family.

There are some added features that can be included in a home security system that are important to know about when learning how to choose a home alarm system.  Today’s home alarm systems can often be combined with smoke detectors, glass break detectors, closed-circuit TV, panic buttons, pressure mats and alarm screens for your windows, offering a greater level of protection than most basic home alarm systems can provide.  By incorporating some or all of these additional devices into your home security system, you can get an even higher level of protection than basic locks and alarms can’t provide.

When shopping around for which home alarm system to choose, keep in mind that most homeowners insurance companies now offer a discount between 2% and 20% on insurance when homeowners install a security system.  Ask your agent which types of system will quality you for a discount before you select a home security system, as you never know how much you can save by selecting a particular brand or model of alarm system.

A good rule when choosing a home alarm system is to make sure you get one that is easy for everyone in the family to use and operate on a daily basis.  A home alarm system that is too hard to program or that is too difficult to arm or disarm simply won’t get used, so make sure you find something that is designed to be easy to use.  When you can get everyone in the family in the habit of always using the alarm, the entire family and all of the possessions in your home can enjoy protection from fire and burglaries whether you are at home, at work or away on vacation.